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South Dakota Women in Ag

Courtesy Photo

Hello and welcome! Meet the South Dakota Women in Ag board and resource committee. Pictured from left to right: Liz Grubl, Ida Marie Snortland, Ellen Reddick, Ann Mackaben, Melanie Smith, Jennifer Stomprud, Rebecca Blue, Laurie Tangen, & Amy Pravecek. 

The women in our group make agriculture their home either as ranchers, farmers, agribusiness women, educators, or in a supporting role for the agriculture industry. We all come from different backgrounds - and live in different areas of the state - but we all have a deep passion for agriculture, and we're dedicated to advocating for the industry. Join us in this journey! Like us on Facebook and watch for our annual conference announcements.

Our mission is to educate women who are making a difference in rural America. To accomplish this, we started an annual conference more than 15 years ago to help bring women together in an inviting, educational setting. We focus not only on agricultural topics, but also on providing networking opportunities and personal development. Women from South Dakota and surrounding states are invited to attend the conference.

The South Dakota Women in Agriculture’s logo has significant meaning. The heart in the right hand symbolizes feeding America (and the world); while the heart in the left is filled with the elements of sky, earth, water, and air which is not only the elements needed in agriculture but for health of heart, mind, and soul. As women, we hold the hearts of our family in our hands as well, thus the outline of the hearts.

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